14+ Group Halloween Costumes for the Office You Can Throw Together at the Last Minute

Great news! Your search for the perfect group Halloween costume for the office is over. We’ve searched the internet high and low and compiled a list of more than 14 choices that you’re going to love. Not only are they perfect group costumes, and not only are they unique, but you can throw them together with stuff you have laying around at home. (OK, fine, you might have to run out and buy some supplies. And by “run out,” I obviously mean use Amazon Prime.)

Was that your wallet I just heard say, “Thank you!” (If so, you’re very welcome.)

And, as an added bonus, to show you just how easy they are to put together, The Muse team modeled a few of the choices below. Within 24 hours, our team pulled together these outfits from their very own closets. Trust me, you have more costume items than you can even imagine sitting in your dresser right now.

1. Jellyfish

 GIF courtesy of The Muse team

2. Emojis

 Photo courtesy of srdav

3. Dominos

 Photo courtesy of @SarahBrockmeyer

4. The New York Stock Exchange

 Photo courtesy of The Muse team

5. Tourists

 Photo courtesy of @ehddiiee

6. Cat Ladies

 Photo courtesy of @DevonBall11

7. Garden Gnomes

 Photo courtesy of @DevonBall11

8. Zookeeper and Her Animals

 Photo courtesy of The Muse team

9. Where’s Waldo(s)

 Photo courtesy of @dmopray

10. #TBT

 Photo courtesy of The Muse team

11. Nail Polish

 Photo courtesy of @insta_kels_

12. French Kiss

 Photo courtesy of The Muse team

13. Minions

 Photo courtesy of @sarahsawiak

14. Rock, Paper, Scissors

 Photo courtesy of @TheFBI88