16 Tiny Baby Animals

tiny animal babies
tiny animal babies

16 Tiny Baby Animals That Will Warm Your Heart

Every time you see a tiny newborn animal, you can’t help but break out into a huge grin. You just want to squeeze them tight and never let go. A single involuntary thought occupies your whole mind: “awwww, it’s so small!”

16. A baby jungar hamster

15. A baby fennec fox

14. A baby otter

13. A baby sugar glider

12. A baby skunk

11. A newborn kitten

10. A baby koala

9. A baby burrowing owl

8. A baby rabbit

7. A baby hazel dormouse

6. A newborn golden retriever puppy

5. A baby hedgehog

4. A baby red panda

3. A baby chipmunk

2. One more baby fennec fox for the road!

1. And the most adorable baby hamster

Written by lexibay

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