20 of the most luxurious bath tubs

What could be better than a hot bath after a hard day at work? Probably, the only thing that could make such an idea just a little bit more wonderful is if you had a luxurious bath tub. Here are 20 of the best ones out there; you’ll want to sink into any one of them straight away.

The hammock bath tub

The transparent bath tub

The shoe-shaped bath tub

The bath tub in a suspended ball

The wooden bath tub

The golden bath tub

The octopus bath tub

The bath tub with curtains

The bath tub with matching room decorations

The bath tub with views of the city

The bath tub for two

The bath tub which is also a swimming pool

The wooden barrel bath tub

The bath with extra lighting

The bathroom with a transparent floor

The outside bath tub

The romantic bath tub

The bath tub by the fireplace

The bath tub with a built-in waterfall

The highly artistic bath tub

You’ll never feel alone in this one!