20 People Who Transformed Their Trash Into Something to Be Cherished


With enough creativity, any trip to the thrift store can result in an upcycling wonder, and old items around the house can become treasures. You just never know how much some tender loving care can breathe fresh life into old objects, even if it’s trash!

At Bright Side, we’ve found some of the most head-turning transformations to share with you, and they’ve inspired us to get creative.

1. “I made these 2-tone pants out of a pair of pants with a busted crotch and another pair from a thrift store.”

2. “The drink tray I got from a cafe is a reused milk carton.”

3. This woman transformed old pants into a new crop-top.

4. “I took this 2-piece from rags to riches.”

5. “One of my husband’s old dress shirts turned into a dress for my oldest daughter.”

6. This woman who turned this oversized T-shirt into a miniskirt

7. “I upcycled this pillowcase into a dress!”

8. She turned a vintage sheet into a pair of pants.

9. This old skirt became a new musketeer fashionista hat.

10. This person made a kid’s wool onesie from a vintage sweater.

11. She made her top from old scarfs and a T-shirt.

12. This mother who transformed a used shirt into a fresh new dress

13. “A thrifted pin that I upcycled into a necklace”

14. “I made my favorite little chica a dress!”

15. “I made a bag out of Turkish fabric, a vintage leather jacket, and parts from old purses.”

16. “I found this awesome tote made from recycled Capri Suns.”

17. Someone turned this old red phonebox into a coffee shop.

18. This old naval mine has a new life as a chair.

19. “I repurposed these shorts into a shirt for my 3-year-old and I had to share! It’s so cute!”

20. Samsung has redesigned its packaging so you can upcycle the cardboard box into a cat house.

Have you ever turned trash into treasure? Please share your transformations with us, we’re all very curious!

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Written by lexibay

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