22 Mind-Blowing Photos Proving That Even Time Travel Exists

Thanks to technological progress and photos, we can perceive the world from different angles. It seems that a lifetime isn’t really enough to reveal all the aspects of history and the universe shrouded in mystery, though some of them may be right under your nose.

22. Sunset and eclipse at the same time

21. Shuttle launch: view from a satellite

20. What happens when you put on sun cream

19. Pyrite crystals in the form of a cube

18. This is only 1 photo, not 4

17. Marlon Brando before and after makeup for the film The Godfather

16. Fukang meteorite slice

15. A paving machine making brick roads

14. Annual Umbrella Sky project in Portugal

13. A cloud formation that looks like a UFO

12. Fish in an abandoned mall in Thailand

11. A 2-liter bottle before processing

10. A squirrel with an incredibly bushy tail

9. A horse in the ocean

8. Reconstruction — Manhattan in 1609 and today

7. Cabbage is completely geometric inside

6. This is how cats see the world in the dark

5. Rocks in Zhangjiajie National Park, China

4. Sea turtle moves with the help of a jellyfish

3. Moreton — a sandy island of shipwrecks in Australia

2. The deepest pool in the world

1. Autumn at the lake in Pomorskie, Poland

Bonus: These seem to be proof of real time travel

The first photo shows the young Brazilian celebrity Roberto Justus in 1970. He is holding something that looks like an iPhone plugged into the wall. The other shot is from the fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas in 1995. Someone in the crowd is taking a picture with what appears to be a smartphone. Both gadgets were invented way later, and these mysterious photos have no explanation.