24 Food Surprises You Did Not See Coming

see coming
see coming

Grocery stores put on display the finest fruits and veggies, all with proper sizes and shapes. But Mother Nature has her own views on beauty.

24. When one lemon will make a spoonful of lemonade and the second one will make a bucket:

23. A rainbow carrot harvest

22. If the climate changes too frequently, a tomato will sprout before it gets eaten.

21. An avocado inside an avocado

20. Young hens may lay eggs without a yolk, but seasoned hens will do double the work.

19. When you are a tomato grower at the North Pole:

18. That’s what happens when you don’t trim carrot tops.

17. Because of stress, a pepper can develop an ingrown personality.

16. The world’s smallest watermelons…for those who want to feel like a giant.

15. This squash deserves an Oscar for the role of Duck.

14. This plant simultaneously grows a couple hundred tomatoes and a few dozen potatoes.

13. This apple couldn’t wait any longer to be eaten.

12. Looks like this potato works out more than I do.

11. This strawberry grows as it pleases.

10. This lemon bulked up for the summer season.

9. Conjoined watermelon twins

8. Not Mickey Mouse, not bananas, just organic tomatoes.

7. Are you seeing double bananas too?

6. I think this 3-top pineapple is enough to start my home plantation.

5. This should be a role model for all watermelons.

4. Swell pepper

3. It’s pure taste with nothing wasted.

2. They guessed you were really hungry.

1. When a strawberry is just about the right size:

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