37 powerful examples of social advertising

A well-made advert draws your attention and sticks in your mind for a long time. This is exactly the kind of effect needed to deal with social problems. Making people stop and think, as well as forcing them to act, is the first step towards significant changes.

Stop Torture

Victims are people just like you and me.

Stop the Violence

Don’t drink and drive.


If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.

For the World Wide Fund for Nature

Horrifying. More horrifying.

Your skin colour shouldn’t dictate your future


When you turn over the page, you help destroy the forest

Slower is better

46 days in hospital.

Save paper — save the planet

Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year

Liking isn’t helping

Liking isn’t helping. Be a volunteer. Change a life.

If you don’t pick it up they will

What we see when you smoke

Animal Anti-Cruelty League

This isn’t football.

Don’t talk while he drives

It’s not happening here, but it is happening now

Censorship tells the wrong story

Think of both sides

The number of car accidents involving children increases during school holidays. Please be extremely careful.

Every 60 seconds a species dies out

Every minute counts. Every donation helps.

Innocence in danger

Where’s the pedophile?

Innocence in danger

Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone

Smoking causes premature ageing

You are not a sketch. Say no to anorexia

Neglected children are made to feel invisible

Plastic bags kill

What goes around comes around. Keep the sea clean

When you see tuna, imagine it’s a panda

Sleepiness is stronger than you

Don’t drive sleepy

Feeding the hungry is easier than you think

You caused your cancer yourself

Forests are the planet’s lungs

Before it’s too late

For the homeless, every day is a struggle

A warning about breast cancer

How a woman is perceived

Women need to be put in their place. Women need to know their place. Women need to be controlled. Women need to be disciplined.

Women need to be seen as equal.

Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs

Same cat, different owner

Buckle up. Stay alive