5 Brain-Cracking Riddles Only the Sharpest Minds Can Solve

quiz 5
quiz 5

Not all tasks and riddles require complex calculations. For some, quick wit and general knowledge can be enough.

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Riddle № 5


  1. There’s a hole in the empty pocket.
  2. 1995 was actually the room number in the hospital, not the year he was born.
  3. The person was born in 2005 B.C. Therefore, he was 10 in 1995 B.C. and 15 in 1990 B.C.
  4. My real name is Felix. In the periodic table, Iron is Fe (chemical symbol) and LIX are the Roman numerals for 59.
  5. You should choose the first door. The bear will try to protect the cub, even if you offer her your food. Not everyone can swim in the lake with crocodiles. You should use your bucket to fight the fire with the water from the lake, and distract the crocodiles with your food.

Written by lexibay


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