9 Wonderful Websites


Nine wonderful websites to help you relax

These websites will help you find Zen and work more productively.

Look through this post whenever you feel stressed out at work or when you can’t focus on anything, but your boss still expects you to meet tight deadlines. Put on your headphones, and take a relaxing break.

2 minutes of idleness at

All you should do during the next two minutes is nothing at all. Just make yourself comfortable, look at the screen and listen to the waves.

Can you spend this time without touching your mouse or keyboard? Just try. It’s not as easy as you think it is.

Keep calm with gives you an opportunity to relax and tune your mind to positive thoughts. Moreover, you can select from a set of guided meditations running from 2-20 minutes and take a break from your hectic work schedule.

With a wide variety of backgrounds available on the website, you can easily customize the theme with waves, fields, waterfalls and more. Using a paid subscription or an iPhone app, you can practice meditation wherever you are. You’ll feel much happier observing amazing views.

Listening to the noise on SimplyNoise

SimplyNoise uses “white,“ ”pink,” and “brown” noises. You just need to indicate the color, adjust the volume to the level you feel comfortable with and enjoy the sound.

A little tip: choose a “white“ or ”pink” noise if you need to stay focused and productive at work. “White” noise is determined by the frequencies that are helpful when you are studying or writing. Pink noise combines high and low frequencies which can help you to get rid of stress and maintain your vitality.

Listen to the rain on SimplyRain

SimplyRain is owned by SimplyNoise and helps you relax with the sound of rain. You simply drag the blue slider to choose the intensity of the rain and gray one to choose the volume level. You can also adjust thunder intensity pressing the first round button.

SimplyRain uses various algorithms to generate random sound each time you play it. For a small fee, both applications (SimplyNoise and SimplyRain) can be downloaded and installed on you mobile device.

Feel better with Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is one of the most frequently visited rain simulators. Here you will find sounds of rain, thunder and birds singing.

The website is absolutely free and the sound of rain makes an ideal background effect for any YouTube video.

Find yourself at the cafe using Coffitivity

You shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of attending Starbucks every morning. Bring the atmosphere of a coffee shop right into your home and increase your productivity. Coffitivity possesses great interface and combines tranquility with the hustle of a coffee shop atmosphere. Hopefully this will boost your creativity.

This website is supported by science, and the topic of the research on which Coffitivity is based is “exploring the effects of ambient noise on creative thinking.”

Listen to nature with lets you mix four different nature sounds, such as tribal drums, animal sounds, fireworks, palpitations and more. We managed to mix our own composition that includes the sea sound, a gull’s scream and a child’s laughter.

You can also download your composition and listen it offline.

Focus@Will — a music streaming service

Focus@Will is incredible! It uses phase sequenced instrumental music, which increases listener’s attention up to 400% when reading, studying or writing.

The music stream penetrates so deeply (especially Alpha Chill), that it doesn’t interfere with your conscious attention on the task at hand. There is no fee if you choose a guest account, but you have to pay for the personal or professional one.

Listen to upbeat music on Get Work Done Music

Get Work Done Music simply plays upbeat and rhythmic music from Soundcloud. It is very easy to use and contains just a few buttons: play/stop, fast/faster and the music switcher.

Written by lexibay

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