Fears of violence rise as Antifa plans marches across the US

 The group known as Antifa plans protests in 20 cities across the US today. Minneapolis is included in the planned protest cities. The radical left-wing organization says they are marching to remove President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from their duly elected offices and the group says that they will not stop until the president and vice-president “are driven from power.”

Some cities say they are concerned about violence during the protests and police departments have been placed on alert.

Some have called Antifa a domestic terrorist organization for sparking violence at some rallies on college campuses and claim that Saturday’s marches could be an attempt to spark a civil war.

Organizers of the marches say the reaction to day’s marches is overblown and claims that they have been hyped by conspiracy theories and Saturday will simply be a day of people speaking out and “participatory art.”

The nightmare must end! Trump & Pence Must Go
This Saturday: Protests Begin!


copied from valleynewslive