November 3 was a pretty big day for the geek community in California. Not only is the iPhone X officially on sale today, it’s also the opening day of BlizzCon, the gaming convention meant to unite fans of the eSports giant Blizzard’s various gaming titles ranging from World of Warcraft to Overwatch.

Since I am attending BlizzCon and I have an early review unit of the iPhone X, I figured … why not document the event with the iPhone X?

Of course, with me being a phone geek, I have a second smartphone on me — the Huawei Mate 10 Pro — so this piece is also a mini iPhone X vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera showdown. After all, what better way to test a smartphone’s camera than at a place with hundreds of cosplayers?

Before I get to the photos, here are the biggest announcements from BlizzCon’s opening ceremony:

1: Overwatch has a new playable character, Moira, who is an evil sounding support healer who has very destructive powers from the footage I saw. Fans roared in approval for Overwatch’s 26th playable character.

Ben Sin

Taken with the iPhone X, of Moira’s introduction.

2: The second biggest news is also Overwatch-related, as the game is getting a new DisneyWorld-inspired “BlizzardWorld” map. The map is available for demo at BlizzCon now and will be open to the public in early 2018.

3: World of Warcraft is getting a vanilla/classic server.

So without further ado here is my photo (and video) diary of opening day of BlizzCon. All photos are shot with the iPhone X unless stated otherwise.

My day started at 7am, two hours before doors open to the public, because of my media responsibilities. Much to my surprise as soon as I stepped out of my hotel, which is right next to the convention center, there were already hundreds of fans lined up ready to get in … two hours early.

Ben Sin

The day started with the opening ceremony, as 35,000 fans packed several halls at the Anaheim Convention Center to watch Blizzard’s big ups talk about their franchises’ upcoming plans. The darkened stadium was the perfect place to test the iPhone X’s (and Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s) photography and videography capabilities. The below two images are shot with the iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 Pro, respectively.

Ben Sin

Taken with the iPhone X.

Ben Sin

Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Notice that Huawei’s image is a bit more dynamic and brighter overall, but the blue part of the Blizzard screen graphic is slightly overexposed. The iPhone X’s image is more balanced, and just as detailed.

Ben Sin

Shot with the iPhone X.

Ben Sin

Same shot, taken with Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

So the above two shots are taken respectively by the iPhone X and Mate 10 Pro again. Both cameras produced excellent, excellent images. Let’s check out the 2X zoom:

Ben Sin

2X zoom with the iPhone X.

Ben Sin

Mate 10 Pro at 2X zoom.

This is hard to see on this webpage, but on my monitor with both images blown up, the iPhone X’s 2X zoom shot is slightly more detailed than Huawei’s. That makes sense, since the iPhone X has a second lens dedicated to 2X zoom, while Huawei’s secondary lens is a monochrome shooter.

At 3pm all the cosplayers gathered for an epic photoshoot. The next two shots are shot by the iPhone X and then Huawei Mate 10 Pro, both at 2X zoom because I was quite far away. Notice that both phones captured excellent images, though the colors are more vibrant from Apple’s version.

Ben Sin

Overwatch cosplayers, shot with iPhone X at 2X zoom.

Overwatch cosplayers, shot at 2X zoom by Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Later on I met the social media star Low Cost Cosplay. If you’re not familiar with him, I suggest checking out his Facebook page. He essentially got famous making a variety of costumes using everyday household items or very creative/clever camera framing. He gained nearly three million Facebook fans completely organically — he doesn’t pimp himself the way other social media influencers tend to do.

Ben Sin

His Hanzo impression.

So in my previous iPhone X impression piece, I mentioned how much I loved the iPhone X’s portrait lighting mode, especially the stage lighting. So I tried to take one of Lowcost Cosplay, but the result turned out quite bad.

Ben Sin

Notice the software messed up the lighting around his hair.

At night, I went around shooting videos and photos and noticed that the iPhone X struggled with lighting at very dark corners of the street — though OIS worked very well.

But when I snapped photos, they turned out excellent and showed impressive details considering how dark the scene was.

Ben Sin

Notice how detailed her armor is even in this dark shot.

Ben Sin

Dang, girl.

That’s it for day one. Tomorrow I’ll put the iPhone X camera to more testing.

copied from forbes