Electric Clothes Dryer,Frequency Conversion Commercial High Capacity Clothing Dryers,Household Portable Wardrobe Quick Dryer,Hotel Clothes Dryer,Remote Control 3000W / Blue / 160x90x60cm

Price: $379.99
(as of Sep 12,2020 17:22:23 UTC – Details)

●[Remote remote control] Wireless control, bid farewell to cumbersome manual, easy to bend down, simple operation for the elderly and children
●[Intelligent frequency conversion] 750-3000W high power, two-speed frequency conversion intelligent temperature control, protective clothing is more energy-saving, clothes need to be dehydrated before use
●[Inertia roller blade] The inertia type 90 degree air supply, high wind pressure, fast wind speed, wind power upgrade, greatly reducing noise
●[3 layers of large capacity] using high-quality aluminum bracket, 3 layers and 2 removable towel racks, easy to install, change freely, can dry 120 towels at a time, 24KG strong load-bearing, to meet a variety of drying needs
●[High-density tarpaulin cover] Health cloth cover material, double-line seaming, strong air tightness, multi-face coverage, refused dust and other secondary pollution to close-fitting clothing

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