A Food Theme Park Is Coming To Italy, And It’ll Be Nearly The Size Of Disney World

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A Food Theme Park Is Coming To Italy

The creators of the popular worldwide Italian marketplace Eataly are opening FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, or Italian Farming Factory) Eataly World. According to Food & Wine magazine, this complex “will be a hub for production, education, and consumerism within one 80,000 square-meter theme park located in Bologna, Italy.”

Why It’s Worth Noting

If you’re anything like the Curiosity team, you really, really love food. So what if we told you that a theme park completely dedicated to food is in the works, and that it’s opening in autumn 2017? Inside FICO Eataly World, you’ll find 25 different restaurants and food stalls, as well as 10,000 square meters of pastures, gardens, and orchards. Want to learn to cook, farm, or just eat delicious Italian offerings? Eataly World could be worth a trip. In their 40 workshop classes, they hope to teach a new generation culturally significant skills, such as pasta and cheese making. So not only can you gorge on Italian, carb-y goodness, but you can also learn where it comes from and how to make it!

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Why People Are Talking About It

Eataly’s founder, Oscar Farinetti, claims that FICO Eataly World will be the biggest food investment in the world, as well as the biggest food exhibition in the world. In addition to promoting Italian agriculture and culture, Farinetti and Eataly World CEO Tiziana Primori hope to incorporate eco-responsibility throughout the park. The construction will include 44,000 solar panels (the most on a single property in Europe) and 500 adult-sized tricycle-shopping cart hybrids from the famed bicycle maker Bianchi. The foodie wonderland will also boast nine types of cows and virtual reality rides. Bloomberg reportsthat the park will bring in over six million tourists (including two million foreign tourists). To hold these visitors, Eataly is also constructing a 200-room hotel on the property to open in 2018. Who’s ready to book a room?

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