How Your Body Reacts When You Begin Walking Barefoot More Often


An article published in Science Direct explains the benefits of grounding, also known as earthing. This trend encourages us to make a connection with the ground or a natural surface through our feet so that our organs absorb its magnetic energy. Even if we don’t have a garden, it’s a fantastic way to walk around the house.

Bright Side is sharing why you should go barefoot more often. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the liberating feeling of kicking off your shoes after a busy day? There’s a bonus feature at the end that will explain how to put this into practice in the best way.

1. It can heal negative emotions.

Walking freely without shoes reduces stress and, at the same time, gives a boost to some of our bodily systems like respiration, blood oxygenation, and pulse. This simple action also takes us back to childhood, which is translated into a positive feeling.

2. It renews the skin.

It’s crucial to allow your feet to breathe naturally and be free from the confines of footwear. This will also prevent moisture from getting stored and, in the worst cases, keep away bad odors and fungus from developing.

Tip: If you walk on dirt or sand, it will work as an exfoliator and will help you get rid of impurities more easily.

3. It boosts energy.

It’s common knowledge that there are countless nerve endings in our feet. They’re essential in some types of alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and reflexology. When you touch the ground or soil directly with your feet, you activate these terminations, resulting in an automatic energy increase.

4. It relieves pressure on the joints.

Since the beginning of time, human beings were designed to survive without shoes. When you go barefoot, your body’s mechanics adapt to it, creating a more natural alignment for your joints. This is why some sports, such as pilates or yoga, are practiced barefoot.

5. It strengthens your defenses.

“Put your shoes on, you’ll catch a cold.” You’ve probably heard your mom say this at least once. But we have some good news: going barefoot helps us to better resist colds. Since a cold ground causes the body to compensate with extra heat production, this strengthens the immune system. In fact, these hot-to-cold contrast methods are widely used to treat pain in chronic obstructive lung diseases, including asthma and anxiety.

6. It stimulates circulation.

Finally, it activates blood circulation inside your arteries and the veins in your feet. For even better circulation, we advise you to walk in cold water, wet grass, the river, or the sea. Plus, this will help reduce inflammation in your legs!


We’d like to share additional tips that you can apply, starting today, to make your feet look and feel amazing.

  • Walk barefoot for an hour a day (preferably on natural surfaces), and if you can, on your toes and on your heels.

  • Play sports without shoes on to strengthen your muscles and ligaments. Some manufacturers have even designed shoes to mimic how our feet move when we go barefoot, with the advantage of providing us with some protection.

  • Take care of foot hygiene because walking barefoot on pavement or inside a house for long periods of time can cause dryness and roughness, and can accumulate dirt.

Do you usually walk barefoot? Do you know any other benefits of leaving our shoes at the door?

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