MIMI KING Video Projector, Mini Projector LED Portable Home Theater Projector with 1080P Support, Compatible with Tablet PC, Computer TV Box, Smart Phone, PC

Price: $350.80
(as of Sep 11,2020 23:26:21 UTC – Details)

Equipped with a full set of high-precision glass optical components to ensure the utilization of the light source to a large extent, the power of 55W achieves the true lumen of 1500 Lumens, and truly achieves the breakthrough of low power and high brightness. Audio input / output should be complete, support mobile phones, tablets, computer TV boxes, game consoles and other connections
Rich interface: small and beautiful appearance, it is difficult to imagine that it has TF card, USB, VGA, AV, TV and HMI. High-definition interface output, can be connected to TV, U disk, and computer
Small and portable: only half the size of A4 paper, you have an urge to hold it in your heart. But don’t underestimate it, its palm-sized size can project a 150-inch giant screen, allowing you to enjoy a giant screen theater anytime, anywhere. Powerful, excellent performance, clear resolution, clear picture of 800 * 480 resolution
High-brightness and energy-saving, no radiation, longer life: using a bright light source, not only high brightness, low power, no radiation, more energy-saving. 150-inch stunning visual enjoyment: Professionally designed for high-end home theaters. With him, you can enjoy the look and feel of the theater anytime, anywhere in the company and at home.
Stable pictures without flickering and effective eye protection: TV screens are continuously refreshed at a rate of 60-120 times per second. Long-time flickering pictures will unconsciously damage your eyes, using the latest technology, presented by the principle of diffuse reflection, and projecting pictures Stability does not flicker, which basically eliminates the damage to the eyes caused by the flickering of the picture.

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