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NUZAMAS Parabolic Dish Directional Microphone, Monocular X8 Times Long Distance Hearing, Birds Listening Telescope, Bush Walking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping Tools

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  • Long distance hearing, Hear & record sounds over 300 feet, recording up to 12 seconds with internal memory
  • Built-in 8X monocular, seeing 8 times closer
  • Come with 3.5mm Jack, supporting external recorder
  • Adjustable sensitivity dial, fine tuning frequency for adjusting how wide the sound reception is
  • Come with parabolic sound dish and high quality headphones

LCTS Bionic Ear Parabolic Microphone Bird Monoculars, with 8X Prism Optical System Outdoor Remote Sound Collection,300 Feet Listening Device (Including Headphones)

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  • ◆viewing instrument uses a complex 8-fold barren prism optical system,BAK4 prism is a material with a refractive index higher than BK7, which can avoid vignetting, unique high transmittance double-sided broadband coating for eyepiece objective lens in the spectral range of 400 nm to 680 nm, the average light transmittance exceeds 99.5%.
  • ◆The listening device with sound amplifier feature is ideal for observing birds and wildlife. You can see shorten the distance of distant birds by 8 times to observe and hear the bird sounds up to 300 feet away when it's in a quiet and spacious area.
  • ◆The effective range is 100 meters, the forest effect is better, the sensitivity is high, and the sound quality is clear. It is a good equipment for wild-looking birds and viewing, The frequency regulator can be used to shield part of the voice outside the target.
  • ◆The zoom is clear, the sound of birds can be heard, the design of the large eyepiece, the larger field of view, the viewing is more comfortable, the light can be more full, the brighter, to avoid dizziness, to bring you a super comfortable viewing experience,Equipped with a foldable rubber eye mask,when the eye mask is rolled up, the angle of view can be expanded appropriately.
  • ◆If you want to see the distant objects clearly, you can turn the focus knob to adjust, Through the frequency regulator, you can properly shield some of the noise outside the target, There are 12-second recording and playback recording functions. Connect the cable to transcribe the recording output to the recorder or the recording pen and MP3 and other recording devices.

XYZZ Parabolic Dish Directional Microphone, Monocular X8 Times Long Distance Hearing, Powerful Sound Detection System, Easy to Identify and Store

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  • 1. ★ Easy to use: This sound amplifier is perfect for observing nature from a distance. It comes with a built-in 8x zoom monocular. Thanks to this, you will be able to observe nature in its full details. Listen to birds and other animals, anything is possible with this nature watching device.
  • 2. ★ Easy to listen: Please use the sound amplifier observing listening device in a spacious and quiet place and don’t use it with a lot of noise around. The sound detecting system is powerful enough to pick up sound at a distance of 200-300 feet away. Adjust the frequency to reduce some background noise for better listening.
  • 3. ★ Easy to store: This sound amplifier is able to record 12 seconds and noise at once. It also comes with instant playback functions. This allows you to fully observe and analyze the animals in your area.It has a TF memory card slot where you can place your TF memory card to store the recorded sound.
  • 4. ★ Can connect headphones: built-in monocular is ideal for observing animals from a distance or for observing the smallest details of smaller animals. In order not to disturb your surroundings, a 3.5 mm headphone jack with a 3.5 mm headphone jack is connected.
  • 5. ★ 100% SERVICE:If you are confused about the quality of the product or have any other questions, you can email us and we will be happy to solve the problem for you. If you are not satisfied or inappropriate about the product, you can contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Uzi Spy Gear Listening Device for Spying, Recording Device can be part of your Spy Kit or Spy Gear and even a Wonderful Toy for Family Entertainment, Black

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  • OPERATING RANGE: Observation Listening Device with 100 ft Range (better with no background noise or when used indoors)
  • USES: Can be used as a spy gadget, inspector gadget, spy microphone, recording device, spy equipment, and even as a sound amplifier and even for entertainment activities
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Has a parabolic sound collecting dish for better hearing - operates best in quiet environments
  • FEATURES: Can record up to 15 seconds on internal memory, includes a microphone, on/off switch, 8x monocular, frequency controller, record button, playback button and headphone
  • COLOR AND BATTERY: Comes in Black, Powered by a 9-volt battery (Not included)

CozyHomelover Portable Parabolic Microphone Monocular Bionic Ear for Long Range Listening Up To 300 Ft

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  • applied to listen to voices and sounds from up to 300 feet away
  • Sees things up 8 times closer by the 8x powerful viewing optics
  • Ideal telescope for studying birds and wildlife
  • With high sensitivity, can pick up a human conversation at a distance
  • Digital recording system allows you to playback 12/ 30 second snippets

Bionic Ear Listening Devices Parabolic Microphone, with 8X Optical System TF Memory Card Can Be Inserted,Long Range Listening Device HSGAV

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  • ★ High-definition imaging:the optical glass has FMC-green film, the image does not deceive color or distortion, viewing is pleasing to the eye, the lens transmittance and condensing function make it visible in low ligh
  • ★ Long distance hearing:With these high-quality headphones, you can hear sounds and noises over a great distance (up to 200 meters) and record them with ease. This high quality noise amplifier is perfect for opera lovers, bird watchers, animal watchers etc.
  • ★ Special design and function: Its built-in monocular is great for spotting animals from afar or for watching at the slightest details of smaller animals. In order not to disturb your surroundings, it comes with a headphone jack. The sound amplifier also comes with its own pair of headphones.
  • ★ Magnification is clear:Audible bird sound, large eyepiece design, larger field of view, more comfortable viewing, more sufficient light, brighter, avoid dizziness, bring you a super comfortable viewing experience.
  • ★Application scenario:Ideal for bird watching and observing wildlife.Designed with a powerful optical zoom viewfinder function with a magnification of 8x, you are able to follow objects optically with no need of using extra monoculars.

Parabolic Dish Directional Microphone Listening Device Monocular X8 Times Long Distance Hearing Bird Recording Observing Listening Device

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  • ✔Telescope Function: 8x optical telescope, can rotate focus knob to adjust clarity of object, which can properly expand the viewing angle.
  • ✔Long Distance Hearing: With sound detection system, you can hear sound at distance of 100 meters or more. Its magnification is 8 times, and you can observe birds or other wild animals nearly 8 times.
  • ✔ Multiple Functions: A bird watching device with telescope, real-time listening, frequency control, recording and other functions.
  • ✔Frequency Control: Reduce unnecessary noise. Adjust frequency knob until you are satisfied.
  • ✔Padded Earphones: Comes with a pair of padded earphones, can reduce environmental noise.

NFY Parabolic Microphone Monocular, Monocular X8 Bionic Ear Magnification Monocular Sound Amplifier, Bionic Ear Long Range Birds Listening Telescope 200M, for Headphones, Long Range Listening Device

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  • Ideal Equipment: This birdwatcher has a built-in 8x monocular, high-definition imaging, and an effective distance of up to 300ft/100m , which is very suitable for observing nature from a distance. You can use earphone to hear the surrounding sounds while viewing the scenery.
  • Special design and function: The design is very attractive, and the 8x monocular telescope allows you to see objects clearly at close range. The ergonomically designed handle can be easily operated with one hand only by pulling the on/off trigger. You can adjust the volume from low to high to get better hearing.
  • Durable Design:This product is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included), the effect will be better when used in an open place. Within the aiming range, then pull the trigger to amplify the sound. The frequency can be adjusted to reduce noise, allowing your ears to easily feel the beautiful natural notes.
  • Quality material: The main part of the equipment is made of high quality plastic, which is comfortable to hold in your hand, strong in shock absorption. Take it when you are travelling, you don't have to worry about being crushed or broken.
  • Application: Sound mobile device which acts as a bionic ear. Design for outdoor hunting, sporting or all entertainment venues.Bird watchers and nature lovers will be thrilled at the sound quality of this ingenious listening device.

Pro Mono Parabolic Microphone-Standard .060 Polycarbonate Dish

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  • A lightweight, 22-inch, clear polycarbonate, highly accurate parabolic dish
  • Very low noise mono parabolic mic array
  • Patent pending integral Booster Discs increase the gain to that of a 30-inch dish
  • Designed and tested to withstand severe temperature and humidity extremes
  • Parabolic Dish Type-Standard .060 Polycarbonate Dish

How To Hack A Cell Phone: Remotely Control Any Cell Phone

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