PBQWER The Waist Massager Orthotics Physical Therapy to Protect The Waist Dish Outstanding Lumbar Spine Belt Lumbago Traction Apparatus

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1. Multi-functional intelligence, lumbar health instrument; for your sake for the waist; dynamic repeated stretching, temperature-controlled hot moxibustion, spectral irradiation, vibration massage, vibration massage to release your pressure, so that the lumbar spine is quickly wrapped by soft power, Get rid of the feeling of soreness.
2. Are you still suffering from pain? Collect lumbar vertebrae problems, targeted development of lumbar pain, sedentary pain, walking, fatigue, lumbar discomfort, sciatica, lumbar weakness
3. The importance of repeated stretching, the study found that the special structure of the human spine muscle, horizontal pull requires a “rhythm” repeated movement to obtain a soothing effect c
Dynamic stretching protects fragile spine
4. According to the principle of human body structure, repeated stretching must have rhythm, and repeated exercise will decompress. Taking dumbbell exercise as an example, muscle exercise requires rhythmic repetitive motion to easily achieve the purpose of exercise, instead of holding a posture and holding it all the time. Dumbbells.

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