POEO 24-Channel Air Wave Massager Lymphatic Drainage Physiotherapy Far Infrared Heating Function Lymphatic Blanket

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Circulatory system – pressure massage through a one-way peristalsis massage superficial blood vessels, to accelerate blood circulation. After blood circulation, eliminate toxins will speed up in the corresponding blood, so that cells can also get more oxygen
Digestive system – pressure suit could squeeze massage the abdomen, relax the abdominal muscles at the same time, enhance gastrointestinal motility, speed up the excretion of toxic substances
Lymphatic system – to speed up the circulation of the body superficial and deep lymphatic flow, speed up the body’s metabolism to exclude from the waste, but also enhance the body’s immunity heat.
Muscle – unidirectional circulation of air movement muscle massage, intramuscular accelerate the discharge of lactic acid, relieve pain, muscle fatigue, relieve muscle spasms.
Skin – pressure massage can promote the flow of oxygenated blood fresh skin layer, the skin from the inside out look more shiny, tight. If a regular treatment, the fat can be significantly suppressed, or eliminated.

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