Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Grey Electrol Electric Projection Screen Viewing Area: 90″ H x 160″ W

Price: $6,894.40
(as of Sep 17,2020 06:15:44 UTC – Details)

Tensioned Advantage Deluxe with High Contrast Da-Mat fabric and 110 volt motor.
Concealed-In-The-Ceiling Electric Tensioned Screen with Closure Doors. Screen is tensioned for an extra flat surface for optimum image quality.
Tab guide cable system maintains even lateral tension to hold surface flat while custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension. Handsome white case and closure doors provide a clean look and allow easy installation of ceiling tiles.
High Contrast Da-Mat with a special gray surface, this screen material is designed for use with today’s high output LCD, DLP and D-ILA projectors. By lowering the black levels of the projected video image, this surface creates a more film-like image and is a good choice when video is the main source of projected information. This screen surface is best used when there is good control of ambient lighting and a moderately wide viewing angle is desired. Gain 0.8 with a 45-degree viewing half angle.

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