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Overview: Note from Us

Everything shared on this website is my opinion and only my opinion. I am not a doctor, lawyer or astronaut and I don’t play one on the internet. As such, anything I write is (obviously) not a substitute for medical advice and you should get medical advice from a competent professional whenever needed.

What I am is a busy mom of six kids who is obsessively passionate about making the world a better place for our children and future generations. This means that everything on this website is my original work (unless noted otherwise) and I probably wrote it in a sleep-deprived state while nursing a baby. Please understand this is likely the reason for any typos or grammatical errors. Please also respect that everything I’ve written on this website took much time, effort and research (often times at the expense of spending time with my family) and may not be reproduced in any way without permission. Photos may not be used without permission.

I’m always grateful and appreciative when you share my posts and information with your family and friends and you are what makes this amazing community at Lexibay.com so special. I welcome links to my articles and shares on social media, but do not allow full-reprinting of my articles (or any excerpts longer than 10%, this is bad for your SEO anyway, so just don’t do it!).

I offer ebooks and courses for sale on this website (and quite a few free ones in the resource library) and also use affiliate links in many posts. For the purpose of disclosure, please assume that all links are affiliate links and that I make a small commission through any purchases made through links on this website. Also, please accept my guarantee that I will ONLY link to products that I have personally purchased and used on my own family and under no circumstances will I link to a product I do not absolutely love just for the sake of an affiliate commission. For the sake of creating a better experience for you, the reader, I do not allow advertising networks, paid or sponsored posts, and all opinions are my own. These ebooks, courses, and affiliate links help me keep the site up and running with the costs of software, hosting, security, and updates. Thanks in advance for your support if you ever use an affiliate link.

I send out a weekly email newsletter that contains links to my most popular content that week as well as occasional correspondence about things that I think are awesome. If you decide to subscribe to my newsletter you can unsubscribe anytime (I won’t be mad, I promise!) and I won’t spam you ever (spam email and online articles where you have to click the “next” button 132 times to read are my biggest pet peeves!). If you unsubscribe from Lexibay.com, you will lose access to the free resource library and other areas of the website accessed through your registration.

Please also assume and understand that I am a real person with real feelings, as are the other readers and commenters on this website, so please act respectfully. My great-grandmother was slightly over-fond of saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” and I enforce this on Lexibay.com. Disagreement and RESPECTFUL conversation is quite welcome. However, if you are a jerk, I will ban you. This website is not a democracy and I will not tolerate spam, self promotion, rude comments toward me or others, name calling, or other rude-ness. Don’t like something I’ve said or written? Disagree respectfully and preferably with sources so we can both learn, and I’ll extend you the same courtesy.

The “mom wars” will not be tolerated on this website in any way. The goal of Lexibay  is to uplift, encourage and support other moms, so any personal attacks, attacks based on parenting decisions, rude comments or name calling will get you banned. We aren’t in middle school anymore.

Basically, let’s all agree to be respectful and not jerks and we will get along just fine.

You also agree by using Lexibay.com that none of the information here is to be in any way used as medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. If you take any information from this website or any website at face value and go try it without medical or professional supervision, you can and very well might get what is coming to you, including death, injury, disability, loss of your birthday, or being sent out to sea.

Are you a details person? Me too…

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