XIAOPING Adult Kyphosis Correction Belt Back Sitting Posture Correction Clothing Spinal Deformity, XXL (Size : L (Waistline:72-84cm))

Price: $192.74
(as of Sep 12,2020 00:04:36 UTC – Details)

✅ Re-confidence: Create the correct posture for your own body and re-confidence-Start wearing our back straighteners for 5-10 minutes every day, and then increase the time to one hour at a time. After a while, you will find that you stand taller, healthier and feel absolutely better-all on your own
✅Comfortable ergonomic design: You will fall in love with our unique underarm pads and detachable upper neck pads, making this neutral posture correction belt comfortable and comfortable; well-buffered shoulder straps provide satisfactory back support
✅ Always hidden: Just adjust this clavicle support bracket to fit you perfectly, inconspicuous when worn under clothes; it will not be noticed by others all day at work, at home or out.
✅ You will also look great: we know you are tired of laziness, hunched back or sloping shoulders… This orthosis can help you develop muscle memory, keep you straight, and help solve those difficult problems Habits to break.
✅ Just right: We believe that this strap will make you fit your body shape as you want… It is made of soft, breathable and lightweight fabrics that will not irritate or penetrate your skin

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